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Ep 24 randomity

Everyone that helped me with the video problem, the newer version of DivX [2.5?] works great.

Okay, is it just me, or does anyone else see hints of Scar/Al? Yes, no, maybe? Roy/Ed are completely canon, but didn't you see the eyes Scar was giving Al!?
The idea came to me when I was thinking about their relationship, they've formed some sort of bond even though Scar's out to kill his older brother, and even a decent amount of respect. But, what's really bothering me, is the lack of hate toward Al.
Yes, everyone loves Al, but boo.
Scar hates State Alchemists, right? Right. He hates alchemy, right? Right. So, he hates Edward due to the former. Shouldn't he hate Al because of the latter? Or does the whole 'my brother was into alchemy too thing' cancel out that hate.
Okay, so it wasn't a straight slash the unlikely couple thing, but slight confusion.

Did this make any sense at all?

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