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*scratched her head* kanji blows but I believe there is a schedule change for FMA this week...

The info is posted on the news section of the offical webpage for those of you who want to check (and please do because I am slightly confused)

So the change looks like this:
3/27 they are showing ep 24 again at 5:30pm
3/28 they are showing ep 25 at 3:29pm?
4/3 they are showing ep 26 at 5:30pm
4/10 they are showing ep 27 at 6 & 6:30 pm

Now I am confused because I don't know if this is just regarding Aomori district or not but apparently from ep 26 on 6&6:30 is the regular time FMA will be broadcast

So anyone more fluent than I please go to the news page and check it out to verify this...:)

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