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Episode 24 - my thoughts

Really great things that happened in ep 24:
- Barry was killed! yay! He was scary. I had a dream once that he was chasing me and one of my friends and Spike, Jet, and Faye from Bebop. He killed my friend and Spike and Faye, and then Jet and I hid in a trailer, but he chopped up through the floor and was coming after me! Scary stuff. Nice adrenaline rush, though.
- Scar saves everybody! W00t! Sure he's a vicious killer, but he's still my hero.
- New characters introduced! Another homunculus (I knew she was one!) and those two Ishbal kids. More on Ishbal in a moment
- Al is human! Yeah! Which just increases my suspicion that he will die later in the series. And that his monologue at the beginning of each episode is Ed reading a journal that Al kept or something. That's 100% theory, I'm not spoiling anything and I hope no one spoils anything for me! I also think Hughes is gonna get killed off, because we've been manipulated into loving him. If I was writing it (which I'm not) I would kill Hughes and Al at some point, just to make everybody cry like we cried when Nina and Alexander. So be glad I'm not a writer!

Bad things from ep 24:
- Scar and his Ishbal buddies are leaving? Nooooo! We just met the kids (I remember the little one's name is Rick, forgot the older one's name) and I don't think I can live without a weekly dose of Scar-san! <3<3<3 We don't even know his real name. I had a list of names I hoped it wasn't, but the only one I remember was Mortimer. He wouldn't be as cool if his name was Mortimer. Maybe he's like Trowa Barton, and he has no name, and so he's just going to accept the name Scar. Or he rejects his given name because his brother dishonored their ancestors or whatever it was his brother was doing naked with the drawings on his body. Or maybe we DO know his name and I forgot or wasn't paying attention. I have been stupider as of late, so that's a definite possibility. (I'm losing coherency, I know. The potential lack of Scar disturbs my universe.)
- I nearly had a heart attack when I thought Rick was killed by flying spikey-things. Very good ending to that little subplot with the Ishbal kids. But too *clutches heart and falls over* And their mom was blind, that was a very touching tale. Nice contrast of Al and Rick's older brother.
- Scar left! Wait, I already said that. OK, so the only REALLY bad thing was that Scar-tachi left. Sailed off into the sunset. Thus confirming his hero status! And what of these Ishbal survivors? I'm going to miss them! Al only believes he's human again because of the Ishbal people.

It was a great episode, with intriguing plot developments and hints of things to come. I probably say that every episode, though.

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