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Crack Poems!

Me and my friend aiyia Wrote down some poems about Wrath/Moofy. Warn you is crack, PURE crack. Plus spoilers to those who haven't seen the Ep. yet.

This one is done by Me! (First time writing a poem..)

Moofy was a good little boy,
Who live in an island,
Ever since he can remember,
he took care of himself.

Then one day he meant two boys,
Al and Ed were their names.
They spoke about alchemy,
Something Moofy couldn't understand.

One night they came to his room,
threaten him, they did.
Scared and lonely,
Moofy ran away.

On the way to a corner valley
Moofy meant a boy,
Envy, was his name.

He offer Moofy things he desire and need,
But first there was price to pay.
He told him he had to kill in order to gain more.
Thus our little moofy did,
and kill, kill, kill, kill.

And thus comes an end of this crappy poem,
But not before moofy became a drug addict first.

This one is done by aiyia
Moofy was a little boy, who never had a life; He never had a mother, or a father, or a wife. The reason why young Moofy ended up this fatal way, was all because of the drugs he had when offered them one day. There was a man who looked all right, but really was not good; and so he offered drugs to Moof, he claimed that it was food. Moofy at first tried to say, he didn't want this crap; But Envy wouldn't take this answer from the gentle sap. He forced the drugs down Moofy's throat, then waited for a bit; He waited and waited, then there was a cry of "THAT WAS SOME GOOD SHIT!" Moofy took more of the drugs, and gulped them down right quick; and soon enough, the one called Moofy became extremely sick. He was no longer Moofy, but the hated one called Wrath; and all because he had no choice, he took this dreadful path. Thus ends the story of the one who had no choice in life; For Moofy never had a mom, a dad, a son, a wife.


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