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Title: Semantics
Genre: Gen (OMFG yes, a long time ago I wrote a GEN drabble!)
Rating: Heck, it's G
Summary: Electronics is Amestris
Notes: I felt sorry for Al in that darn video game =/ He never got to do nuthin', he was just like a 'summon', like the Genie or Bambi in Kingdom Hearts. Originally written for the giggling pleasure of devils_devotion.

"Then you understand the seriousness of the situation?" Roy asked, fingers laced, elbows on desk. He regarded Ed with his unfanthomable dark eyes.

Ed scowled and sneered with the side of his mouth. "It's not like I haven't done this before." The short blonde alchemist shifted in his chair in front of Mustang's desk.

"Well as long as you know...." Roy cut himself off as Ed's right arm shot up, middle finger skyward, the rest of the automail digits curled into a fist.

For a long moment, neither spoke, both stared at the white gloved finger between them. Then Ed grinned nervously, reached up with his flesh hand, jammed the finger down and returned the automail arm to his side.

Roy was unimpressed. "You certainly have a way of expressing yourself FullMetal, and in other circumstances I would be amused, however...." Roy broke off again as the boy's right arm raised, hand patted his face and automail digit jammed firmly up his right nostril. Ed choked and flailed with his remaining arm for a moment, before grabbing the offending automail wrist, wresting the finger out of his nose and once again returning the arm to his side.

"Malfunction." He said with a weak grin, "Have to talk to Winry about that."

Roy worked his jaw. "I can assure this is not appreciated FullMetal. I know your Mother taught you better manners than this."

Ed colored up and gritted his teeth, jabbed an automail finger at Roy and turned red. "YOU leave my MOTHER...." but the words were forgotten, when, like a shot, the automail arm swooped downward and an automail fist closed heavily on a very sensitive portion of the boys anatomy, located somewhere between his legs.

Roy snorted, watching the display as Ed's face went from red to purple, he doubled over and made several strangled animal like noises, even beating on the automail arm with his flesh hand before prying it loose, panting. He looked up at Mustang, tears holding just in the corner of his eyes.

"I've had about enough of this" Roy said, leaning forward on the desk. "When you think you can purport yourself like the State Alchemist you are, come back to my office and we'll finished this converstation. I'm obviously not going to waste good information on you in your current rebellious streak."

That is when the automail fist landed squarely on the Flame Alchemist's nose.


Out in the hall on a bench, waiting for Ed to finish his interview sat Al and Winry. They both looked up a bit startled as a small squad of MP's double-timed by heading for Mustang's office. Winry watched their progress down the hall.

"Wonder what that's about?" she mused aloud.

"I have no idea" Al said, turning his attention back to the box in his hands. It had many toggles and switches and brightly colored buttons. His large leather glove thumbs slid over them again. "But this remote control thing you invented doesn't seem to be doing anything Winry," the boy sighed.

the end

what in the hell brought this on? 0_0

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