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A question for the AMV-minded.

I'm in the process of trying to make my own FMA AMV, and I figure by the end of this I'll be devoid of hair if I don't get some help. I asked this question on the AMV.org forum and got one solution, but I figure I'll ask here as well.

I'm using Adobe Premiere 6.0, and I know Premiere thrives on keyframes. Seeing as how all the raws I've ever had don't have a bunch of keyframes (if any), I was wondering how y'all got around that. What program did you use? I'm also giving Ulead's VideoStudio a try, but it seems like every time I start an AMV I give that program a try and end up swearing it off for reasons I can't remember. I know one person used the Windows Movie Maker, but I think that's only on XP, right?

Pleeeease help. Any suggestions you might have on video formats or editing programs will be so helpful. ;_;

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