odile the human x-file (gaminette) wrote in fm_alchemist,
odile the human x-file

novelization plot element question.

I'm about halfway through the novelization (Land of Sand) and there's something that's been bugging me. Like, a lot.

Okay, so, there's Ed and then there's Fake!Ed (Russell) and no one in the town believes Ed when he says that he is the real Ed.

My question is this: why doesn't Ed show them his official State Alchemist pocket watch? Granted, I don't recall Ed's name being engraved in it or anything, but wouldn't his having one at least show the townsfolk that he's more official since *he* can produce one and Russell can't?

ETA: Did anyone else notice something wrong with this passage?
"...Russell looked at Edward's left hand, which was enclosed around his fist. 'Your hand's cold. I see you've had your share of problems.' Russell had evidently noticed that the hand was auto-mail. A glance at Edward's left leg was enough to tell him that it was auto-mail, too. ..."
I emailed Viz about it. *snort* /dweeb

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