kim_marie (kim_marie) wrote in fm_alchemist,

newbie hello & prot bunny!

Hi! I'm newbie here. actually I got livejournal ID just to join the community.
I live in Japan and am big fan of FMA comic book.
I was not seeing anime version of it 'till they changed op & ending songs to all new one. After my first FMA anime experience, I find myself REALLY enjoining it.
And it surprised me a lot that you all people was seeing FMA anime less than half a day delay, and have this nicely organized big community on net!
So, here I am. Join to get more fun out of FMA fandom!
(oh, and I know I'm lousy at writing in English. please be nice^^;)

Now, about the bunny that stuck and won’t leave me alone for awhile now:

What's gonna happen if you crossed FMA with SG1?

How is Ed going to react with other *Colonel*?
How is Lt.Colonel Roy going to react with other Colonel? (I bet they gonna get along with each other as well as two territorial male dog!)
How Sam is going to get fascinated with Autmail mechanism.
And Winry will be gone to Machine-Geek haven when she find out about Star Gate ^-^!!

Seriously, I think you can get light humor piece, And long serious angsty one if you put Ishval people issue in it. Ed can get advantage of Biochemistry knowledge on Earth. SGC can get advantage of Alchemy science and Automail tec.
I was thinking send Ed to SGC as liaison officer so he can have a chance to learn Earth science. (although that give you right reason to put Ed in uniform ^^)

Anyone take pity of my poor-English enough to write SG1 x-over fic?

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