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09 December 2003 @ 09:32 pm
greetings and speculations  
Hey, all, first post, pleased to be here, all that jazz. I imagine we can take it as read that I love this show with a deathless passion.

About just who's an alchemist among the Boys in Blue...

Myself, I have been assuming that only Roy is an alchemist. Certainly none of the others are introduced with the kind of "call sign" that Roy and Ed have. My thought was that becoming a State/National Alchemist drafts a person into the military as a sort of auxilliary, thus the constant comments about them being "dogs of the military". Roy, by this reasoning, takes advantage of this fact and works for promotion to Colonel in addition to his status as Alchemist, making Hawkeye and Havoc his military staff. Neither they, nor Hughs, who looks to be in Intelligence to me, give any indication of alchemical ability, Hawkeye, for example, defaulting to her gun when that train-jacker attacks Roy.

It's the "call sign" that especially inclines me this way, since all those we know are Alchemists are known in that particular way.

As to why Ed, now inducted to the military, does not wear the uniform... well, it's Ed.

By the way, do people hereabouts prefer heavy cut-tag use? Just personally, I can't stand it and only use it when I'm really, really running on, but I can certainly use it more here if everyone prefers.
Touma Karamochi: ednaltouma_karamochi on December 9th, 2003 07:07 pm (UTC)
Armstrong(the big bald guy, though he hasn't been introduced yet in the anime) is also a National Alchemist, in the manga he gets introduced when Scar fights Ed... I think the King(the Alchemist who has a patch over his eye) is an alchemist as well, otherwise I don't think he would have set up the National Alchemists...

But yeah, I've been wondering about the other members, since other then Roy and Armstrong(and now the Elric brothers, I consider Al a 'member' even if he officially isn't), I've not seen any other National Alchemists use Alchemy even in the manga...

I use LJ cuts if I have something spoilerish to say and people don't want to be spoiled, or maybe a long rambling post most people rather just glance at, but mostly not really.
Branch: hopefulbranchandroot on December 9th, 2003 07:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, now there's a thought. A couple of the way upper echelon dudes are Alchemists, aren't they? The one's shown at the exam? What if being a National Alchemist gives one an advantage in the military?

That might explain some of what Roy's doing, anyway. I really do expect him to come out with world-domination plans at some point, or at least army-domination plans. Perhaps that's why he became a NA in the first place...

...want the next chapter! *makes big pitiful eyes at Toriyamaworld*
thegreatpeanuterpeanutbaby13 on December 9th, 2003 11:46 pm (UTC)
yeah but...
I think if the others were alchemist (Hawkeye, Havok, Hughes *snickers*, the little nerdy guy with glasses, and the guy with gray and black hair who is not Scar) they would have shown it by now in the manga (as of book 6 I mean).

What I find strange is that supposedly Armstrong is a lower rank than Mustang...I saw a pic of their stars on their arm ribbons and Mustang out ranks him by a rank (Armstrong is the same rank as Hawkeye and Hughes). I think Armstrong is a much stronger alchemist than Roy (the rain!) but whatever...I dislike what they are doing with Roy in the anime...they are making him a little heartless?...in the manga he has much more concern for Ed and Al...