Cynthia (csakuras) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Some community pimpage!

Ever have trouble finding manga scanlations? Ever want to read fanfiction based on manga canon only? Ever want a place to discuss the manga with other fans?

Then hagaren_manga is the place for you!!

Some things to note about this community:

1. The main purpose of this is to organize scanlation releases so they'd be easier to find, but it's very open for fanworks and discussion. Basically, if you have something manga-related, throw it in here!

2. This is NOT meant to segregate the manga fandom from fm_alchemist. We want all the cross-posting we can get! It's also for the more casual fans who are only interested in the new manga chapters and don't keep up with everything else going on in the general community.

3. Regardless of opinions, we wish to keep the community welcome for fans of both the manga and anime. So don't worry about this becoming an elitist/purist wankhouse, we want to avoid that. (See our rules for further details.)

So...join! Post! Discuss! Have fun! :D

By the way, is OURS now! No one else can have it! >D

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