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Bratja - FMA Original Sountrack

Someone sent me over FMA Soundrack -THANK YOU, so I was able to write down the lyrics of "Brothers" I am not all that great of a translator, lol, but I tried my best....believe me - translating from English to Russian is MUCH easier then the other way around! Eck! I missed couple of words, at the most, some parts it was just too high and a bit mumbled, so, sorry about it...but the main idea should be there.

FMA Original Sountrack, 32 - Bratja

Chorus: Hope, Words: by Saidi Mitsusime, Tatyana Naumova, Music: Michiru Osime


Forgive me, younger brother
It's all my fault
There's no way to get back
What was taken by the Heavens (word by word translation: "what Earth already took, but it doesn't sound well in English)

Who knows the laws of life
Would be able to help me to find the right answer
I made a big mistake
There's no medicine from death


Dearest mother, gentle
We loved you so much
But all our powers were wasted


I seduced you with beautiful hope.
We can't get our family back
My brother, it's all my fault



Don't cry, don't be sad, older brother
You are not the only one at fault
We have the same road
We will pay our debts

I can't blame you
And I am not mad at you
Our sins are heavy...
We tried to be more powerful then anyone


Dearest Mother, gentle
We loved you so much
But all our powers were wasted


It was my own fault
To believe in a beautiful hope
Hope to bring our family back
I can't be mad at you
It was my own fault.


What should we do?
How can we fix all that?
How can we forget?
How can we get back
What was taken by heavens?

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