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Love in the Oblivion Ch. 3

Hey! Sorry for taking so long to write this one! Hope you enjoy and comments/criticism would be appreciated. ^_~


Title: Love in the Oblivion (Ch. 3)
Warnings: Spoilers for Chapter 51 (manga)
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: Edward Elric x Ling
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA.
Cross-posted to: fma_yaoi

I couldn't believe whoever it was who made the homunculi also attempted to creat the Doors of Truth. Whoever this maniac was I knew he must be an alchemist, and I had to find out who. What Envy said also made me remember the horrible place beyond those doors.

"But that place wasn't in darkness or a sea of blood! It was a white space and there were doors..."

"Oh... So the real thing is a place like that." Envy rested his chin on his hand and closed his eyes as if trying to imagine what the real place looked like.

My mind was racing when Envy said the real thing; in other words we weren't actually in the Doors of Truth. "Real!? This is..."

"Gluttony is a fake Doors of Truth that 'Father' created." My mind had now completely forgotten about my feelings for Ling. The only thoughts that clouded my head was that some psycho had tried to recreate that horrible place.]

"Hey, what is it about these Doors of Truth?" Ling, fortunately, didn't understand what Envy and I meant; though he didn't know how much of a blessing that had once been.

Envy looked up at us and looked almost frightened himself, and even though it was doubtful he would die; I still tried to believe my own lies. "Even with 'Father's' power, he couldn't create it. Gluttony is a failure that couldn't become the real doors."

Ling looked confused but mostly in disbelief at the fact that what Envy was saying was the terrible truth. I felt the same and couldn't take in the fact that this is where I could possibly die.

"This place is, hmmm..." Envy paused for a brief moment to think of what to say, "Something like an interval between reality and truth."

The more Ling and I listened, the more inescapeable our situation became. I yearned for the ignorance we had lost only mere minutes ago. "There is no exit or way to get out."

Envy was now only confirming our worst fears, "No one can get us out of here. We can only wait for our energy and lifespans to run out. All we can do is wait here for our death...!"

The silence that followed tortured me by allowing me to picture Al sitting all alone. Nothing could make me feel as numb as what Envy said just then.

"Your lying!" Ling tried so hard to believe it, and so did I. "There's no way I can let that happen!"

"Say something Envy!!" I continued as Envy remained silent, "I'm begging you... Please tell me it's a lie!" When there was no answer, I swore I could feel my heart skip a beat.



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