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Disapearing is easy; it's just giving up.

First, an icon offering...

[1] Share. 
[2] Comment, don't ask. 8D 
[3] Credit "selphish" or "konayuki" in keywords. If you don't know how to do this, then don't take my fshing icons! 8D 

Notes: Number 8 was a slightly edited version of a pixie made by a Japanese fanartist; because I only changed a small portion of the icon, I'm not asking for credit.

I finally got some screencaps of episodes six and seven, so after my last final on Thursday, I'll go on an icon binge. *has been meaning to make some Christmas-y FMA icons*

Secondly, a question...
Does anyone know if Hughes actually IS an alchemist? If he is, is he a National Alchemist? Until I get my Christmas money (I'm a poor, starving college student), I'm stuck with ToriyamaWorld scanlations. *is dying to get her grubby paws on the later tanks*

Thirdly, a request...
If anyone knows of any images that would make good icons, or have any ideas for lyrics that would look good on FMA icons, let me know! Figuring out what to put on these babies is the hardest part.

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