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Fic: BarryFarman: Carpe Diem Pt2: Telling the Missy

Title: Carpe Diem Pt 2: Telling the Missy
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: Shortshorts XD
Rating: PG
Pairings: BarryFarman
Author's Notes: I wrote this cause I knew the second I after I wrote the previous one, there was gonna be a sequel XD How's that for sad?

Since Havoc stopped visiting, he wouldn't say why, Riza decided, since Roy mysteriously finished all his work on time, that she would have to check and see if Farman was still alive.

Without even knocking, the first lieutenant strolled right into the semi-messy apartment.

And stopped short.

The room was covered in flower petals.

And there, laid out on the couch, was Barry. The suit of armor looked up and instantly jumped to his feet.


He ran the short distance from the couch to the door and "glomped" Riza.

"Missy, guess what!" Barry exclaimed, like a school boy who just got an A+ on his report card. Riza calmly placed a hand on Barry's helmet.

"Barry, where's Farman?"

"C'mon Missy! Guess!"

By now, Barry had let go of Riza and was bouncing where he stood. The door to the bedroom opened, and out walked Farman, clad in shortshorts and a tanktop.

"Barry! I told you no--" He stopped when he noticed the gunwoman standing behind the suit armor.

Without wanting to wait any longer, Barry ran to Farman and hugged the other man's waist.

"We're engaged!"

Somehow, maybe working for Roy made her immune, but somehow, Riza managed to keep a straight face till it was time to leave.

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