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Alphonse Theme #5/30 yoroi (armor)

#5 yoroi (armor)

The museums in Central were amazing. Alphonse spent a few hours in the alchemic artifacts section before even looking at anything else. The next thing he looked at was the Ancient Xingian section. In the center of the room that housed the collection stood a life sized diorama of two battling Xingian warriors. There was fake grass dirt and rocks on the ground around them as well as a broken sword and a few arrows to make it seem like they were in the middle of a battle. Both of them were fully equipped for battle from head to toe. One of them had a helmet that only revealed a “T” shaped section of his face; the other had a helmet with a mask built in, showcasing a ferocious demonic face. It was this figure Alphonse gravitated toward.

Al found himself staring at the mask. In the eye holes he could just see the shine of light on the mannequin’s glass eyes. Someone walked past the window in the room… the glare on the helmet’s demonic face shifted and glimmered.

That… was my face…

As Alphonse looked at the armor, he could practically hear the air flowing against the metal… the gentle metallic ring as it spiraled around inside the cold shell…

My body…

”Hey! Don’t touch the exhibits!”

Brought back to his surroundings, Alphonse realized he had been reaching out to touch the arm of the Xingian warrior. As he drew his hand back, Al looked at the guard, who he hadn’t even heard approach, with a mixture of disorientation and embarrassment. The guard stared back at Alphonse, puzzled by his reaction. Al took one step back from the exhibit… then another while finally letting his hand drop to his side next to his other one. Al let his eyes wander back to the armor... then back to the bewildered guard again… then he ran.

Later Alphonse was angry at himself for not apologizing first.


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