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slightly oot again: J-MIX trivia...

Okay, yesterday's question was...

"What are the three J-music fan events happenning in Anime North 2004?"

So, just e-mail your answers to before this sunday so your name can be in the draw on Monday's show. You should listen to the results cause right after it she'll announce the NEXT trivia question for the next pass give away.

If you already have an AN pass, you can always win it for someone else right? Double passes don't sound too bad.

Oooh! And a get together of FMA fans would be awesome too. I'm all in for it. X3 You guys know you can hold panels right? But you have to e-mail the panels coordinator of AN to get a spot. It would be great if someone holds a panel for FMA fandom discussions, nee?

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