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The Alchemist's Tale

OMG! ok for those who remember my post on "The Alchemist" that was due for my English Class, she wants us to make our characters tell a story!! *legasps* These characters aren't original though!! << crap. oh well I'm stuck with Ed and Al so I might as well get it over with. Ep 1 and 2 based.

The Alchemist's Prologue

Now came the Alchemist's turn to tell his tale.
He stood on a table, his brother standing next to him.
"My fellow travelers, I ask that you will all take your seats and to broaden your minds;
as I tell you a story of our travels!"
He looked to his brother before looking back to the pilgrims.
"It's true that we're not from around here, but there are benefits to being a traveler.
I have seen many things on my travels from the silk nation,
through the desert, and finally to reach here.
My knowledge expands as far as the eye can see." He boasted.
His brother sighs as he bragged on.
"And now, I will share you a story about good and evil, about a tragic love,
and how things can be deceiving. Oh, and if I hear you murmur about my height,
you'll be tasting my boot like the Squire had to!"

The Alchemist's Tale

There was a town located in the middle of a desert.
It was dying, as the inhabitants were falling like dead leaves.
One of their people, Rose, had recently lost her love in an accident.
She, like the others, had lost all hope that the town would ever recover.
Until one day an elderly man came to town.
With him, he brought miracles.
He rebuilt the town, and had red wine flowing from the center fountain.
He brought the town back on its feet, and
became their prophet.
His name was Father Cray.
Rose came to Father Cray with a wish,
a wish that her love would return to her.
The Prophet, with a warm grin on his face, placed his hands on her shoulders.
"I can grant you your wish, but it will take some time."
He led her to a white room. In its center was a bed,
and beneath the curtain,
A voice whispered from behind the curtain.
She was stunned, it was her love's voice.
"Have patience..." And she waited, truly believing
her boyfriend has returned.

There was a gathering, in which Father Cray would demonstrate his miracles to the public.
A young child walked up to him with her dead bird, and
he brought back to life.
It flew onto the prophet's right shoulder.
The crowd cheered for his miracle, Rose along with them.
There were two knights in today's gathering.
They were travelers from a distant land, on a journey for truth and knowledge.
No one knew their names, except one was known as
the Gallant and the other the Valiant.
They saw what he could do and were suspicious of his "miracles".
This was not the first time they had seen someone
attempt to do the impossible.
Rose approaches these two knights,
as they easily stood out in the crowd.
"How do you like your first miracle gathering?"
"It's quite interest indeed how your prophet does his miracles." said Gallant
"Would it be alright if we met with this Prophet Cray?" Valiant asks.
"Of course, the prophet will always speak to those who believe."
Rose led them to the old chapel. It was of a simple design with an organ in front of the chapel.
There stood the prophet welcoming his visitors.
"Welcome my fellow believers, have you come with a wish?" He spoke calmly to them,
the bird on his shoulder seem to have fallen asleep.
"We wish for you to show your true face."
"There is no possible way to bring one back to life." The Knights stated.
Rose stood there confused, as the prophet looked to them with narrowed eyes.
"Why would you say that?" Rose finally spoke.
"Look to the bird, dear Rose. Tell me what you see." Valiant points out.
She looked, the feathers were of a pale color.
The eyes were blank, as if it was lifeless.
"...that can't be, my boyfriend, I saw him!"
"Rose..." There came the voice again, this time it came from behind the prophet.
There was the bed, and the curtains withdrew to reveal a dying bird.
She gasped, looking to the Prophet who had a sinful look of disgust on his face.
"Those who do not believe in my miracles will perish."
Father Cray approached the knights, seeming even more demonic then before.
He brought out his blacken blade and striked. The knights did the same
and they exchange blow after blow.
Rose stood by and watched, until finally the false prophet was slain.
With him, his magic disappeared from the town.
The town returned to it's formal self, the fountains dried out,
the buildings crumbled, and people yet again,
searching for a way to live on in this wretched town.
With the knights completing their missions, they turned to leave
when Rose stood in their way.
"You should've never come here. What gave you the right to do what you did?
With Father Cray we believe we could do anything.
We're a desert village, we had nothing!"
The knights looked to her as she fell to her knees.
"What do I have to live for now that I know my love won't come back?"
"..You'll have to find out on your own, move forward." Gallant spoke as he passed her.
Valiant followed behind him looking to Rose with pity.
"You have a pair of strong legs, you should get up and use them."
Those were his final words, and they left the city
in hopes that the people will learn to rely only on themselves.

The Alchemist's Epilogue

"And so I end this story with a warning," The Alchemist said in a hush voice.
"Believe what you wish, but make sure you know the facts oh gullible ones,
for there are those who are deceitful." His brother applauded, handing him a drink.
He drank with glee, but then spat it’s contents out and
He suddenly lunge at the Miller,
who had called him a "little midget storyteller."

I had to rush at the end, becuase I already went way over the required lines. (40 Lines, but mine's 94 Lines @_@) I hope it turned out alright. ^^

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