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Love in the Oblivion Ch. 1

Title: Love in the Oblivion (Ch. 1)
Author: animethief92
Warnings: Spoilers for Chapter 50-51 (manga)
Genre: Sappy
Pairing: Edward Elric x Ling
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own FMA or any part of it.
Summary: Edward considers confessing his feelings while Ling and him are all alone and lost...
Cross-posted to: fma_yaoi

The desolation would drive me insane either way, so I chose to go crazy with Ling rather than be alone. He always seemed so strong in his own strange way; something I could admire him for. I on the other hand was too weak to even save Al those many years ago or capture one of the homunculi myself. Although I helped him a little in catching Gluttony, it wasn't all that much.

"Edward?" Ling was awfully close to me and I had trouble hiding the blush that was spreading all over my face.

Maybe he ignored things like this on purpose, but he didn't even seem to notice how I acted around him. In ways this kind of thing made it easier to deny the truth, but it didn't make my feelings disappear. Even now just being close to him and having to stay with him to survive didn't help me in trying to suffocate my urges until we were safe again.

"Don't worry about me..." I continued cooking so we could eat soon and at least live for a while longer. Maybe then I would be able to tell him about how I really feel for him.

I suppose this would've been a perfect time to say something since we still couldn't find the exit to wherever we were. Though I am cooking a leather shoe for a prince of another country... I couldn't think of where to start and end up saying "I love you". Then again, I could always speak up at another time. It just didn't seem right saying something about love while we're in here anyway.

"Edward, you're doing it again." Ling put a hand against my forehead even though it's covered with bandages. "Are your bandages cutting off circulation to your brain?"

"Shut up! I already told you I'm fine!" When I realized what I was doing, I almost burned myself on the hot pan.

I was having trouble holding myself back from punching him even though he really didin't do anything other than tease me like usual. Instead I just grumbled to myself angrily until I got on his nerves. It was funny to watch him attempt to ignore me, but even funnier to see him lose it.

"Stop mumbling to yourself! If I made you that angry then say something to my face and not yourself!"

"Fine Ling... I like you." I said it without thinking, but then quickly corrected my carelessness. "What I meant was you're a really great friend even if you're a mooch, annoying, weird -"

Ling cut me off with his hand, "I get it already!"

His black hair was usually so nicely taken care of but now it was wet and dirty; and I knew whatever that watery stuff was it must not feel good getting into open wounds. I couldn't see myself as looking much different than him considering where we were and I knew he could never find beauty in a person like me. Even if we weren't in this place. The rest of my thoughts were put aside as both Ling and I heard someone approaching us in the darkness.



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