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Alphonse theme #4 tensai (genius)

Mmmm... yeah I actually do themes.... I'll post the rest of them soon. But for now my latest one...

4 tensai (genius)

Edward Elric is known for his genius. He became a State Alchemist at age twelve. Now twenty, he stared over his menu with a frown at his brother’s “genius”.

Alphonse was outside of the restaurant, just on the other side of the glass paned window. He was laughing and scratching the back of his head… the cause of his laughter stood opposite him. Her long raven hair bounced on her shoulders as she laughed, her eyes never leaving Alphonse’s. Then she said something. Al smiled honestly back at her. Then she leaned up and….

Al walked over to the table Ed was sitting at, flustered and face fiery red. Ed looked at Al with a sly grin over the menu as he began to sit down. Al looked at his brother puzzled as he settled into his seat nest to Ed. Ed slowly lowered his menu to the table and continued to grin at Al. Now Al was beginning to look a bit nervous… Finally Ed stuck out, pulling Al into a headlock and topping it off with a (light) automail noogie.

Darn genious.


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