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Urgent for Plushie Orders at PlaJapan!!

If you preordered a movie plushie from PlaJapan and wanted a refund, please check your accounts immediately! I just got an email confirmation of my refund today, and when I checked my account, $314.27 was withdrawn from it from a California bank! I already sent an email back to Kevin, the owner, to make sure that this isn't a fault of the bank, but I will keep everyone up to date on what's happening with it. Please check you accounts now to make sure your money is still intact. I am so depressed because of this and I don't want anyone else to be. Be careful, everyone.

[edit] I received an email back and called the bank again to sort through the withdrawl. Somehow someone else got into my account and withdrew, not PlaJapan. It was just coincidental. So I guess don't be too worried, but still be careful because there may be someone waiting to take your CC number. Oh, and I got the money back. ^-~ *phew!*

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