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OoT: AN attendees?

Just wondering if there are any people attenting Anime North this year in Toronto, Ontario - Canada.

Why I'm inquiring? Well... My sister runs a web radio show called J-MIX. More info on the show time and such at the temporary site ---> J-MIX radio

Anyway, she's currently holding trivia contests that give away free double weekend passes (two passes good for all three days of the convention) for the convention. The next draw is happening next monday. I can post the trivia question from today's show if anyone is interested. The contest I believe will be running till the end of April, 8 double passes to give away/ 3 already won. You just have to e-mail your answer to her at

My other reason for this is... well... I'm interested to know if anyone's going to that con dressed as any FMA characters. I keep seeing Final Fantasy cosplayers every year, so it gets tiring seeing the same thing over and over as a fellow costume designer. ^_^ I'd swoon over anyone who dresses FMA at the con. X3 *is a trigger happy costume photographer*

For other things, she also featured the 2nd ED and OP of FMA. You can vote them into the monthly top five and stuff.

Concerning AN, you can look at their website at Anime I'm also hunting for FMA prints at the Artist Alley as well. Hahaha~

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