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Rough translation of Stray Dog (originally posted here)

I don't translate the punctuation marks as they're rather self-explanatory. Read the dialogue in normal "manga" fashion, right to left and up to down. And I translated the names loosely, so caveat reader.

| indicates different word bubbles
() is clarifying notes or explanations
[] indicates sound effects
{} indicates the square "explanation" boxes in the manga.
And spaces between sections indicate page breaks.

Enjoy! ^_^

Hond: Kristai, ore, one bag | Batail, one bag of cloth, and | A few gemstones, herb medicines, and spices, etc. | -- And a tiny bit of money... | Peasants!

Hond: ... And here I thought the bad economy was only the other countries' faults... | Nnh? (inquiring sound) | What is this... ! | A little kid... no, those golden eyes mean... | "Military dog"?

Hond: This sort of bothersome freight I can do without. | Goodbye.
Dog: (Japanese that's cut off)
Hond: It can't be helped.
[sound of cage door opening]
Hond: Look, I'll help you open the cage, now go run away to wherever you want. | -- Hey! Don't follow me! | I TOLD YOU DON'T FOLLOW ME!
{In this era, there is a type of animal called "military dog", which is created with the highest skill of magic.}

{This is is among the (something I can't make out)'s era's top research wizard Cloud's creation, when he mixed magic and chemistry to create a living thing with a human's "intellect" and a canine's "fighting ability".}
[sound of running footsteps]
{Like its name "military" suggests, it was originally created for use in warfare. But lately, regular people have begun to raise them as pets, laborers, guards, etc...}
Hond: This isn't working...| Listen, this isn't working out, so I just have to adopt you as a pet. | So you have to work hard to earn your meals!
(Under the square: *user's manual)
{Because it won't complain when you treat them badly and don't ask for wages, it is a useful tool.}
Hond: (reciting from the manual) You will take loyalty as honor/life's purpose, till my spirit flees my body. | I bind you to this contract with blood | Till your body is shattered. You are now mine. | My name is Hond- | Your name is| -Joca.
Joca: The contract is complete. | Master, please command me.
{A particular point of interest is its loyalty... once the contract binds it, it will always fulfil its master's commands no matter what, and until its master dies, it will never leave its master's side.}

{In other words, "military dogs" have an ordinary person's intellect and a loyalty stronger than a dog's, and its fighting ability far surpasses a human's, BUT}
Hond: Dammit! | You bastard! | After all these years you're still clumsy, what a useless dog!
Joca: I'm sorry.....
Hond: Now, then, | Where did the prey go?
Joca: It... it escaped <3
[Teheh <3]
Joca: Aaah!

Hond: Old man, help me exchange these for money please.
Old shopkeeper: Ohh! You're still alive? You criminal! Long time no see, I thought you were finally arrested by now!
Hond: You nonsensical senile old man, am I really that easily arrested?
Old shopkeeper: How's little Joca?
Hond: Three years and no improvement... ...hey, I'm not here for your conversation!
Old shopkeeper: Aiyah, don't be so impatient. After all, the only store willing to accept your stolen goods is mine, right? Take it easy. | Though come to mention it, the reward for your capture has already expanded to 2 million now. You're a little notorious here too!
Hond: Is it easy being famous?!
[Waste of taxes]
Old shopkeeper: The other day, there was a fairly skilled bounty hunter on the streets... nnh?

Old man: Ahh... they're expanding it again, the Tower of Cloud. | Because lately even ordinary citizens have started to raise military dogs as pets, so they have to increase it. | Now that place and its research facility may as well be called a complete "military dog creation factory". | They're not priced for us poor folks to buy anyway, and I hear that they use destitute orphans for their experiments. | No matter how you say it, I just don't plan to adopt one... - okay, today's haul is all quality stuff, I'll buy it for 100 thousand yen. | Come to think of it, being a mountain bandit, having to scramble for food and money all the time... | With your skill with a sword, if you went to one of those countries that lack soldiers/police, you could easily become some aristocrat's guard.
Hond: Unfortunately, I hate being someone's pet.

Hond: Okay, lets go.
Joca: Master-... | Over there...
Person on the right: Ah! is it dead yet?
Person on the left: Come on, sit up!
Hond: Nnh? Ahh... | It's an abandoned stray. | Most of them were thrown out when we were at war with the neighboring country, I guess. Did it take a deep wound? Was it abandoned by its owner... | Because they live to obey their master's commands, when the master dies or when they are abandoned, they don't know how to live on their own... |that's the path of a useless dog, it's pretty tragic.
Joca: Will I be abandoned one day... too?
Hond: You... what are you talking about...
Joca: I...| was called "worthless trash".

Joca: Because my human part and dog part didn't mesh right, I couldn't be used, and I lost the right to be a military dog. | So I was sold as an "exhibit"... |
Hond: ... ah- | That... I say...
[Turns head]
[is startled]
[is REALLY startled]
Joca: Ne, ne, master... are you anxious for me?
[spins in circles]
Joca: Just then, weren't you thinking: how tragic - I have to be nicer to it? | Ne~ ne~ | You were thinking, "I want to pet its head" right? | Ne, ne, ne! Pet me! Pet me!
Hond: SAYS~~~~ WHO~~~
Joca: Aah?

Hond: Since you say so, then let me thoroughly love you~~~!
[noogie noogie]
Joca: Ow ow ow I'm sorry!!
Hond: You're REALLY CUTE! Little Joca!
Joca: This is not petting-!
Hond: Shut up!
Some guy: Little dog and...
Joca: Master-- stop fooling around~~~~
Hond: Serves you right, you bastard!
Some guy: One eyed, large man...
Some Guy (Bati): I've found you, "Grand Sword" Hond!! | Although, that is such a stupid face...| With a reward of 2 million, I thought he was the sort of fella who looks like some sort of monster...
Blackspear: If I may speak, master. | He has escaped the authorities for five years, after all.

Blackspear: -- [grunt of pain]
Bati: Since when have you had the right to suggest opinions to your master, Blackspear? | It was only because I heard you were the highest-level military dog that I bought you and contracted you. | Dogs only have to behave like dogs, silently following their master's orders, that is all!
Blackspear: -- yessir.
Joca: Now that I think of it, I've never been praised by a master before!
Hond: Aah?

Hond: That's right, you FREELOADER!
Hond: What, do you want praise too?
Joca: Of course!! To serve my master with all my strength, if my master is happy because of this, that is my joy! This is the very definition of "military dog"!
Hond: Is it for the master? A living thing that is made into this...
Joca: Hm?
Hond: No, nothing. | Since you say this sort of thing, why don't you go find a new master that would love you and spoil you more?
Joca: Ai- but the contract is set, and- | Master is a good person!
Joca: Master is dirty...
Hond: I say, you... | tell the master you always follow that he is a "good person"...

Joca: Mast-
Hond: Joca, get down!
Hond: Waagh! | What the hell did you do that for, you over there!
Bati: ... huh! | You dodged it?

Bati: Eh, that's just as well, if things didn't turn out this way then there would be no point.
Hond: ... who are you?
Bati: Pleased to meet you, I'm the genius wizard and Sendalu (Central?)'s number one bounty hunter Bati, and this dog is...
Hond: SELF APPOINTED GENIUS Mr. Wizard, what do you want with me?
Bati: What, I heard there's a wanted criminal worth 2 million here, so I thought I'd say hello and take your head along the way.
[Would you please listen and hold your tongue until the speaker is finished!]
Hond: Sheesh. | There's no end to these bounty hunters and what not, just keep bothering me...

Bati: Blackspear, go and play with the little doggy over there.
Blackspear: Yessir.
Bati: But don't kill it under any circumstances! | When I'm done with this gentleman, I'll take it on myself!
Hond: Joca...!!

Hond: (thinking) This fella... is obviously a wizard, and yet...
Bati: Your expression seems to say, "He's obviously a wizard, and yet is good at the arts of war". There's no rule against swordsmen using wizardry, is there?
Hond: ... Very well!
Joca: Master!!

Blackspear: My master commands... | That for now, I will be your adversary.
Bati: HAHA!! The elegant attack is commencing!

[chaotic shower of explosions]
Hond: WAAAGH! | There is a limit to elegance, you know! | Dammit! | There's smoke everywhere, I can't see a thing! | Pipsqueak, where are you? Don't hide like a coward, come out and face me!
Bati: You're MINE!!!
Hond: -- such a cliche'd line...

Bati: Ehh? | AAAARGH! | It's impossible! | I've never heard that you could use this sort of skill...

Hond: Of course not. | Because I've killed everyone who's seen it.
Bati: How... how can... this be...
Hond: There's no rule stating that swordsmen can't use wizardry, right? | However | It took a lot of effort to learn this one, and I only know how to do this one anyway! | Then... | Are you listening or not? | Next up, that stupid dog of mine.

Blackspear: *Pained sound* | ... my master is dead.
Joca: Well, that's just too bad! Your contract is dissolved, his command is nullified, and there's no reason to fight anymore, is there!
Blackspear: ... that's right, the command is nullified... now.

(page 23 doesn't work for me)

Blackspear: First is the hand you often use...
Hond: Why?! If your master is dead, the contract is annulled! | The master that commanded you is gone, you shouldn't have a reason to fight!!

Blackspear: Mas... master, huh... though compared to humans he was the lowest sort of cheating scum, | I have one thing to thank him for. | He allowed my sense of self to awaken!
Hond: Why you little... | what have you done to Joca?
Blackspear: I did for her already!

Blackspear: Killing off you guys really is easy work. | Tormenting a weaker opponent is harder than anything else to bear. | But! | Such a thing is essential for me to justify my existence. | Now that I am freed from the binding curse called "master", what should I do to justify my existence? It's very simple! Just disobey his orders!!
Hond: Heh... talk, talk, all this talk about the self... but the fact that you couldn't make it to military dog standards will never change. | In the end, you're also just "worthless trash", | right?

Blackspear: Blathering human!! | Why must I, who have superhuman ability, bow my head to a human! | Be condescended to by humans!! | You humans can never understand!! | Because you made me? Because I was your pet? Don't make me laugh!

Blackspear: To live only for the masters you'll never imagine, to die only for those masters! | To live under the fetters called "loyalty"! A living thing that abandons its own code of existence for you... | This way, doesn't our existence equal "death"?! | This is how we, who are created this way, feel! | Can you possibly understand our pain!!?

Hond: Damn it... my arm hurts! I can't focus..! | Argh...

[sound of being beaten up]
Hond: *coughs* ... Damn it...

[cracking noises]
Blackspear: Though, you are rather powerful, for a human... | But now, it's ended.

[dramatic entrance]
Blackspear: Wha...!!

Blackspear: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! | Kekekeke... | This... this...
Hond: *roar*

[melee sound effects]
Hond: Joca! | You stupid dog! Don't do such ridiculous things!
Joca: Master... you're all right? ... did we win...?

Joca: Ah, don't know why, my eyes are all blurry, I can't see anything... Master, are you hurt? Are you all right?
Hond: Ah, nothing happened to me, don't fret blindly. | Is this a time to be worrying about other people?! | Compared to this, your health... is more... | Hey... | Hang on, you stupid dog...
Joca: ...master
Hond: Shut up!
Joca: Master
Hond: Enough... it's enough... | Stupid! Don't dogs have to absolutely obey their owners?! You're planning to go to hell without even acknowledging your master?!

Joca: Master, I...
Hond: Bastard! Why can't I staunch this wound!!
Joca: I have faults... always making you angry, I really am a problematic dog, but...
Hond: Hang on, you idiot!
Joca: I was so lucky to have been picked up by you. | Thank you.
Hond: ... Joca, my last command...

Hond: Thanks for all your hard efforts till now. Have a good rest.
Joca: ... Yes... | Master

(skip 38)

Cloud: You you you | You | Who are you?! | Don't you know, this is the great wizard Cloud's research facility? You uncivilized barbarian! | Ah, hey! Don't touch that!
Hond: Dog... | I had a military dog as a pet, picked it up three years ago, this faulty little female dog... | Always stood behind me. | Always obeyed orders from me, a useless sort of fella... | Even dying, she was loyal to her master, though she died a messy death... | Sheesh! An extraordinary sense of loyalty!
Cloud: What are you talking about...
Hond: Why?

Cloud: You... you! | You dare call my research... my artistry a "thing"!!
Hond: "Artistry", you say? Borrowing control and looking down on others, and thinking you're such an amazing person... | because you created a helpless, incurable thing born of human selfishness! | It's a living corpse denied even its own will! | You call that art?!
Cloud: You... | You talk as if you know everything about this, don't you...
Hond: I DO know!

Cloud: A golden... right eye!! | That means!
Young Hond: Don't abandon me!! | Don't... | Don't abandon me! | I'm still alive... I'm clearly still alive...!!
Hond: That's right. I am the military dog you took to be a "failure" twenty years ago, that you threw into the gutter with the rubbish.

Cloud: ... ha... | Ha... haha... hahahahaha! | Is that so! That's just too funny! | Aren't you the same, then? | "Trash" acquiring more "trash" for a pet! This way you'd feel better, you'd find value for your existence! | Using this to gratify your lack of self-respect! | Ah, exactly! You and that cheating human, you're both alike! | You only kept that bitch by your side to bolster your belief in your own power! Right?!
Hond: Ah, yes... perhaps it was that way... | So.

Hond: I want to let this all end... | This kind of ugly thing.
Cloud: Aaaaaaahhhh! My many years of research... it's all burning! | My art! | What are you staring at? Kill the wild dog!

Hond: Then | Here I come, brothers...!

(Skip 45~46)

[Sound of clattering wheels]
Soldier: Inspection! That cart over there, please stop!
Another soldier: Okay, you've passed. Next!
(clockwise from top) They're examining...
Oh, did you hear about what happened yesterday?
(can't see the bottom one, too small and blurry)
Ai? What?
Soldier: Okay, next!
[clatter, clatter]
Soldier: Okay, get off the cart!
Passerby (Hond): Soldier, did something happen? Why all the inspections?
Soldier: Ahh, last night, there was a bandit that barged into Mr. Cloud's research facility, killed him and all his military dogs.
Hond: Hey... that's a real catastrophe...
Soldier: Only has one eye, wields a huge sword, a large man, if you see a person fitting this description, raise the alarm... | ... ?! You...

Soldier: Golden eye...?
Other soldier: Ah, is that a dog?
Soldier: And missing an arm, too.
Another soldier: Okay, run along, don't interfere with our work!
Dog: Hond-! | Hurry up, hurry up! | If you don't hurry up I'll go ahead and leave you!
Hond: I know, I know...

Hond: Sheesh, such an impatient partner isn't gonna make for easy work. | Well then, | Lets go.
(Clockwise from top)Good thing today's a nice day.
Did you hear about that bandit...
Mama, over there, a dog! A dog!
Ah, I finally found food.
I heard they're inspecting stuff over there!
The girl at that store...


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