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Newbie post, fic

Newbie with ficcage. Nice to meet you all!

WARNINGS: Vague spoilers for manga chapter 14/15, and (sort of) episode 23/24. Follows manga continuity. Probably badly written.

Fullmetal Alchemist; Knowledge

He knew that his ototo must have gotten the idea from the other guard at the research laboratory, because it wasn't something he would have ever considered on his own. It wouldn't even have occurred to him. Al was generally an optimist and tried to believe the best of others, and that made things twice as painful when he thought someone had betrayed him.

He also knew that right now, it would be pointless to try and talk any sense into his little brother, because Al thought he was lying, had been lying to him all this time about his very existence, and was in no mood to listen to his older brother. So he'd had to leave, had had to get out of the room and let Al start thinking straight again.

And he didn't know exactly how Winry was responding to all of this, but he had a pretty good idea that right now she was telling Al one of his secrets (or not exactly a secret, but he was so bad at talking about emotional things the distinctions blurred), and hopefully soon Al would search him out to hear the rest of the story.

'...I didn't want to get this body...'

Do you hate me?

And he knew he shouldn't be surprised that Al had finally snapped, and he wasn't really: his ototo had been consistently patient and supportive, even at the beginning when he must have been going crazy with the transition into his new, strange body, and even now, with no visible results in their search for four long years. It had been inevitable that he would break down sometime.

But (he thought, as he stood on the windy roof, waiting patiently for his little brother) having that knowledge didn't keep it from hurting.

Oh, and there's also my other fic up at ff.net, which has been up for quite a while and isn't all that great, but you can read it if you want. :)
Anyways, hope y'all enjoy~ :D

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