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I bring ye all SMUT!!!... Sort of, anyways...

This started out really interesting. I went to velvet_mace's LJ and read about some meme she did that gave her LJ a 'rank' so to speak. She got seventh place, out of about four hundred thirty something other LJ's, and she commented that it was probably due to half of the things she wrote as being porn. I then replied that if that was the case, then I could get famous pretty fast if I started drawing hot XXX guy-on-guy yaoi porn, and thus this experiment began. It's my first yaoi drawing, so if it sucks, now you know why. It is NOT work safe, and I had to ask velvet_mace for help, who in turn asked youkofujima for help, which in turn spawned the following conversation in AIM as I sketched the picture. Follow the fake cut for the details...

( Not worksafe nor brainsafe(AlxRoy) )

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