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[fic] 'For Victory' Prologue and Part 1/7, (Ed/Roy, PG)

Title: For Victory (Prologue and Part One: 28 July 1915)
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Ed/Roy
Summary: It all started with a simple – and not uncommon – event. That was the assassination of the Furher. A few years after the struggles that led to Al regaining his body, Ed looks back to the years that altered the course of the lives of many people, including Roy Mustang and Edward Elric. Plotty and AU.
Warnings: Ed being his usual slightly mad genius self. No actual Ed/Roy in this part. Very, very AU.
Dedication: to kytyngurl2, because this fic is actually in answer to a fic request of hers. I hope you're doing alright! Also to zalia, happy belated birthday!
Notes: Watch me attempt non-screwed up Ed/Roy for a change. This chapter is very, very plotty, so consider yourself warned if you’re adverse to that kind of thing.

( Prologue - 16 December 1918 )

( Part One: 28 July 1915 )

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