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Ma-chan had an insane week...

So I was left behind in drawings, I never stop. Someone please just shoot me. Do the world a favor instead of me going mad and keep drawing some more. That and I am suppose to be studying for a test...and here I am. (Damn you LJ been so addictive).

Title: Too Cool for Words
Character: Edward
Title: Fun at the beach
Character: Chibi Aru and Ed (Movie Spoilers?)
Title: Trisha Elric (Not their Mother)
Character: Trisha
To explain this is what I think Ed daughter would look like ^_^ Fan character or not, she is adorable.
Title: I want to be on top.
Character: EdWin
Looks like Ed doesn't want to be at the bottom. XD

Comments are always nice and/or welcome :D
Thanks for the 1000 hits on DA ^__^


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