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How physics applies to certain things...

I can't believe it how even that can have a logical explanation...

So... here it goes. Father once mentioned it is thought that if one ever managed to launch a speed faster than the one of light, time would start going backwards. What does this have to do with Hagaren? I'll tell you just now.

flame_butterfly asked her science teacher about it. His reply was:

"What you're saying does have some kind of point in it, but reality is slightly different. Every single moment and event that occurs is an 'image' that travels in the universe at the speed of light. Hence, if somebody ever goes even 1mm/sec faster than the speed of light, they'll be able to go ahead of those 'images' and see what happened. Images of the past, not the future."

Do you think what I'm thinking? TRUTH!!

And how I see these are related: When Ed saw the Truth, a lot of "images" were forced into his mind and these were images of the past of our world (assuming of course that what he saw was images from World War I).

Hell... I love it when my fav subjects are so closely related with stuff like that. ^^

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