Ammes-chan (akira_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[Ficlet] Library

Title: Library
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Genre: Fluff
Notes: This is theme #4 of the Roy/Ed 45 Themes.



“You can’t be fucking serious!” Edward Elric exclaimed, glaring at his lover. The library was a sacred place. You just didn’t defile it. Especially not with sexual encounters between the two, who had a habit of screaming upon reaching climax.


“Think of it as an exercise in being quiet.”


“Exhibitio-” Edward was cut off by cotton gloves covering his mouth. They were, admittedly, not in private, but seated in a nice park and were already getting strange looks thrown in their direction.


Roy’s glare cut off further outbursts, at least until they were in private. Then, Ed vowed, the man would be sorry.


Their lunches were packed up quietly and they walked side by side as they headed back towards Roy’s apartment.


* * * * *




“Why not?”


“It’s a fucking library Roy!” Edward shouted. Frankly, being in private wasn’t much better then staying in public, but at least they couldn’t see the odd looks they were getting.


Roy Mustang rolled his eyes. “I’m fully aware of that.”


“You can’t have sex in the library.”


“It will be closed. No one will be there!”


The glare he received in response was icy. “Would you fuck someone in your personal library?”


“I’ve done it.” Roy smirked, boasting.


Edward’s frowned deepened, and then suddenly his eyes lightened again. Roy almost took a step back; it meant his genius boyfriend found a loophole. “Okay…I’ll have sex with you at the library, if you’ll fuck me in the kitchen.”


“That’s different!”


“How is it different?!”


“It’s unsanitary.Roy emphasized, crossing his arms. “We’re not doing it in the kitchen.”


“Then we’re not doing it at the library!”


Roy pursed his lips and with a sweeping motion, pulled Edward into his arms and dipped the younger man onto the couch. “Fine, we won’t…if you wear the skirt.”

It seemed like a good compromise.


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