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The final installment (maybe?) of the PlaJapan saga

... this si getting worse than DBZ

Sorry to spam those of you who hadn't ordered, but I e-mailed Kevin at PlaJapan again today, but it seems the delay with the plushes is completely out of his control.

Dear Christine,

I have received a tentative list of products arriving for the next shipment and, unfortunately, The Full Metal Alchemist plushies is not in that shipment. It could arrive in the next shipment but the amount of time and stress that I have to bear is not worth it for me. I am as disappointed as you are with the delays and untimeliness so I will refund your order immediately.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

Kevin Chen

So you'll have to contact hims and split the credit card number in half over two e-mails to cancel, so that nothing gets grabbed in transit, or if it does, they only get half or something. I know there are several other places selling them, and I plan on doing some shopping around to see what the best price I can find is, because plaJapan had the best I'd seen since the listing went up.

So that's the situation. I'm about to cancel my order and get it at this anime store we plan on going to this weekend.

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