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Okay, so... Not to make this a long post and such, but me and my friend anime_gir have created a new community. It's called hagane_no_rolep (Yes we liked putting it as rolep because it's cracky :3) and it is yaoi (and yuri) friendly and, yes, crack friendly. So if you want to join, just follow the instructions on the userinfo page and you should be able to get in. You can have up to two characters so far. <3 However, my fellow mod has claimed Scar and Sloth and I have Kimblee and Barry, so any others besides those are free.~ Just remember: Follow the rules and always have fun! :D

Cross-posted like a h0r

P.S. - Nice to meet all of you! FMA is love! Anyway... like I said, all characters but Scar, Sloth, Kimblee, and Barry are free.~

Edit: Ack. Accidently posted in wrong place before posting here. xx

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