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Fic: Cause Every Couple Needs Some Angst (BarryFarman)

Title: Cause Every Couple Needs Some Angst
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: Angry!Farman. Have we ever seen that before? >>;
Rating: PG-13, just to be safe.
Pairings: BarryFarman hinting
Author's Notes: Yeah. This actually brings up the stories I wrote earlier. So it'd be best if you read those first, then this.

Something was wrong with the Chief. And it was Barry's job to find out what was wrong.

After Farman refused to play chess until Barry was up in his face, and wouldn't talk to him right after they finished their 11th round, Barry was sure something was terribly, terribly wrong.


Farman was on his bed, turned over so his back was facing the suit of armor. Barry came up to the bed.


The warrant officer didn't reply. Barry tapped his cheek, turned, and walked out of the room. Farman glared at the wall. This is stupid. He doesn't even realize... The clanking of metal came into the room.

"The paper's here Chief."

Still no answer.

"I know how much ya like the paper..."


Farman shut his eyes. Hopefully, if he ignored Barry enough, he'd leave him alone.

That was the man last thought before he was hoisted up into the air.

"Barry?! Wha-!?"

He was carried to where the chessboard sat. Farman was thrown onto the couch. If suits of armor could glare, Barry would have been doing so, making sure Farman knew actually how pissed he was at him.

"What is wrong with you Chief!?" A shrill was added at the end.

"Nothing." Short and precise. The way Farman always answers.

"Well it doesn't seem like nothing! You're ignoring me!" Barry stomped his foot on the floor. "Answer me dammit!"

Farman looked at Barry in the eye with a sharp glare. The suit of armor stepped back, very unsure now that he saw that Farman was furious.

"Remember in the closet? When I as 'asleep'? I was awake. In the shower, I didn't stop you. Then Hawkeye comes over and you act like an angel. Clinging onto her every word. Like you haven't been playing around with me all this time! Why if I could, I would leave you here and let you suffer being bored!" Farman, by this time, was standing up, hands balled up into fists, his breathing heavy.

"Woah Chief.."

"Stop calling me Chief." With that, Farman turned, and walked back to his room.

Barry stayed where he was till morning, deeply confused.

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