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There was an Alchemist

English Class...fun XD, well for those who have read the Canterbury Tales, then you would know about the pilgrimage. My teacher gave us an assignment to create another character that goes on the pilgrimage. She said it could be a fictional character...soo...

There was an Alchemist in our group.
Very short in stature he was,
but not short on knowledge.
They say he’s a child prodigy,
but only because he paid with enough effort.
What he did exactly is not for me to know, except
that he was indeed quite intellectual in his job.
He knew the science behind everything,
And how the world worked, And
Believed in equivalent exchange that one
must give something up in order to create another.
I find that quite childish, but then again
This kid was only fifteen.
He seemed like an outcast with that red coat,
And those white gloves he wears,
And he had fine blond hair which was braided in the back.
A foreign traveler perhaps,
going on our pilgrim not for a religious purpose,
But for more knowledge of the ever changing world.
He carried a book in his hand, which
On closer inspection had rather neatly written notes.
He kept playing with a bolt, that was
Placed in his book as a bookmark.
Kept for luck and belonged to a fine, young
lady waiting for him back home.
This young man went by the name of Edward, and
He was traveling along with
his younger brother Alphonse,
A knight, who sounded empty, hollow, and yet pure.
Though it is rather difficult to tell,
Who is the younger brother really.


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