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20 September 2005 @ 05:11 pm
Merchandise Question.  
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Land of Sand

Just out of curiousity, what the heck is this? Is this another manga to FMA, or what? I'm horribly confused, this is the first time I've seen this, and I'd like to know what it is and what it's about before I buy it.

:) Thanks.
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Jiah Pet: Just Add Water!jiah on September 20th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC)
That's the first novel, isn't it?
billypilgrim on September 20th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC)
yeah, it is.
billypilgrim on September 20th, 2005 10:23 pm (UTC)
One of the actually novels written to go along side manga canon. If I remember correctly, this is the Fletcher/Fake-Ed story. Which wasn't in the manga, but they got the story from the novels.
Emily: EdWin - Ickybluenejlbana on September 20th, 2005 10:35 pm (UTC)
Huh, sounds interesting. Will have to check it out when it hits the shelves. Thanks for the info.
UrpleSquirrelurplesquirrel on September 20th, 2005 10:53 pm (UTC)
Dude! That's the Novel that's got Russell and Fletcher in it! I didn't know they were translating it.

Must... Preorder...
Rappydappydappy McTappy: Oh Crapraptorix on September 21st, 2005 02:54 am (UTC)
No lie?! Holy friggen crap I must buy this! Some day! And read it only at home for fear that people will make fun of me for reading a grade-schooler novel... ;_;
ushigamiushigami on September 21st, 2005 01:32 am (UTC)
Wait, if this is the first novel, then...

How much longer until the second one is out? *starts to Google it*

Oh yes, don't these books come with a few illustrations? I remember reading about a novel for FMA that did...
RW Grimmgrimm222001 on September 21st, 2005 02:01 am (UTC)
I didn't even know there was more than one (I'm so dumb ;_;

I think all (or at least some) novels come with illustrations, cause my .hack//AI buster and the Read or Die novels come with illustrations
Emily: EdWin - Ickybluenejlbana on September 21st, 2005 02:13 am (UTC)
I would hope so. That it came with illustrations at least.

It would so make my day.
amikitty: Love at First Sight...Um Yeah?amikitty on September 21st, 2005 02:25 am (UTC)
Yes, the FMA novels DOES contain some illustrations. There have been random entries here about the novel illustrations in the past.
ikuyona on September 21st, 2005 08:23 pm (UTC)
I believe there are five out in Japan.
RW Grimmgrimm222001 on September 21st, 2005 09:47 pm (UTC)
I think my heart just exploded

thanks for the info!
ikuyona on September 21st, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
Yup, no problem. ^_^
ikuyona on September 21st, 2005 08:24 pm (UTC)
The 2nd novel is scheduled to come out in January 2006.
Saya: Revengesayahiei on September 21st, 2005 04:00 am (UTC)
I know that there is a preview in the FMA vol. 3 Graphic Novel.
Sailor Mac: Tringham Tree -- by ushitora_iconssailormac on September 21st, 2005 08:05 pm (UTC)
YAY! Amazon *finally* has it available for preorder! (Bounces around madly)

But, yes, as other people have said, this is a translation of the first Fullmetal Alchemist novel, "Sareki no Daichi," which was the basis of episodes 11 and 12 of the anime (called "Gravel Earth" by the fansubbers -- Funimation just changed the title altogether to "The Other Brothers Elric.") Hiromu Arakawa did some color illustrations of the Tringhams for this, but I'm not sure if they were for the novel itself or for the radio drama that was based on it.
Lunae~Wingless Angel in the Air!lunae_enciel on September 23rd, 2005 10:29 am (UTC)
Oh Great!
I'd really love it!
I saw Japanese version in Kinokuniya bookstore. The story of vol.2 is very amusing. And I'm looking forward to read English version as soon as I've known the novel got licensed in US.

I'm supposed to reserve the book at Kinokuniya ASAP!

Thank you for all information^^