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20 September 2005 @ 02:11 pm
I'm a poor entering college student going into the video game design business and I'm in dire need of money. Parents have enough bills to pay and hopefully I can make a little bit of money at least for the gas in my car.

Item: FullMetal Alchemist DVD Volume #1
Condition: Excellent
Price: $10.00

Item Description: This is the first volume of FMA containing the first 3 episodes of the series. It's produced and licensed by FUNimation and was bought at a local Wal-Mart. It was only viewed once. Some of the extras are - textless songs, production art, Japanese commercials, character profiles, and trailers. It also comes in that cool see-through case and has a real nice booklet with character and enviornment drawings. This DVD actually belongs to my little brother but agreed to sell it because he knows how much I need the money. ;_;

To see my shipping fees and payment methods please visit my selling journal:

Mods, please delete this if it's inappropriate. =)
Utai Mitsumo: Cruel Angelutai_mitsumo on September 20th, 2005 07:21 pm (UTC)
i realize this has nothing to do with the subject (so feel free to delete this) but i'm ganking ur icon
Mental Vomit: the answer is in my head.thisisnotmyname on September 20th, 2005 07:27 pm (UTC)
curious, why dont you do this through ebay? it's more reliable, legitimate, and you'd have a wider audience
Leeza__moon_child__ on September 20th, 2005 07:53 pm (UTC)
Heh, thanks utai_mitsumo! ^^

Yeah, I suppose I should do this with eBay, now I just need to 'borrow' my mom's check book to get the bank account number. >>;
A real material girldarcerin on September 20th, 2005 08:04 pm (UTC)
I bought the dvd boxset when it came out, sorry. :( If you have Vols 3 or 4 to sell though...?
Leeza__moon_child__ on September 20th, 2005 08:53 pm (UTC)
No, I'm sorry, I don't have them. :( I haven't seen them around here where I live.