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Fic: BarryRiza with a hint of BarryFarman

Title: Jealous is Such an Evil Thing
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: None of which I know of. Yes, no groping in this one XD
Rating: PG
Pairings: BarryRiza, with BarryFarman on the side.

Farman glanced at the door. Someone was knocking. Thinking it was Havoc, he got up and opened the door.

It was Riza, decked in civilian clothing.

He saluted. "Lt. Hawkeye, what are you doing here?" Farman heard clanking in the next room. Riza saluted back and walked into the apartment as Farman moved away from the door.

"Just checking up on you two. Everytime Havoc comes back from doing so, he looks like he just met the Major's family for the first time again."


"MISSY!!!" Barry jumped into the room, hugging Riza's waist. "Oh I've missed you so much!! I've been good Missy. I haven't chopped a single person since you and that weird Mustang fella left me with the Chief! It's true! Just ask!"

Riza "sweatdropped" and gently patted the helmet that was rubbing against her side. "I'm sure you did Barry."

"I love you so much Missy!" Barry cooed and he clung to Riza. "You should come visit more often! Yes! Please Missy?" If souls attached to armor could cry, tears would be evident on Barry's eyes. But the way he spoke the request made him reel back from the ache in his chest.

Farman, if he ever opened those damned eyes, would of blinked at that moment. Something was up. Why should he care if Hawkeye came to visit once and a while? It really shouldn't matter.

But as he watched Barry huggle Riza, it hurt.

Farman quietly wonder why.

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