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They dare change things ?! Oo

One of my friend noticed something disturbing while watching episode 6 on TV, when Ed involuntarily perform alchemy for the first time without using an array

In the fansub version (so on Japanese TV), Ed just punches his other hand before putting them on the basin

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In the (French) TV version, which is the same as the Japanese DVD (and the US version I guess), he claps them ^^;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My friend thinks they changed it because they (the scenarists ? XP) realized Ed needed to clap his hands, not just touch them. I hadn't even noticed it because I prefer the original version and the DVD haven't been released here yet (so I just keep on watching my fansubs), but I feel cheated. Because of this scene, I've always thought Ed didn't really need to clap his hands, just to join them in a way or another (and used this in my fanfics), and I'm suddenly told it doesn't work this way anymore ¤_¤

Well, had you notice ? ^^; And what do you think ? Unless Arakawa said something about Ed needed to clap, I really don't see why they would change this (what else did they change ? ._.;)

Oh, and on episode 47, when he makes himself a new hand, he doesn't seem to use a circle (but he can't clap his hands either XP)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We really don't see well what he is doing in this scene, I guess they just wanted to avoid the difficulty, but I'm really confused @_@
(they're not supposed to change things !! >.<)

*edit* This has already been discussed in this entry
It's a bit old so feel free to post your thoughts here, but there's no need to start discussing this again ^^;

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