scimitarsmile (scimitarsmile) wrote in fm_alchemist,

spoiler suggestions

Thought I'd take a minute to ask folks that if you're going to post a comment about the episode, please do two things for those of us not wanting to be spoiled. First, please identify the episode or chapter that you're spoiling! It's entirely possible you're referring to an episode some of us have seen, and we might reply if we knew that your idea of "spoilers" refers to, say, episode 13 or 16 or 20, etc.

Second, please do NOT use "white space" before spoilers. It's pointless! I still have to scroll past your post to read any other comments, which means I'm going to end up risking reading your post anyway. If you absolutely, positively must give spoilers, please be courteous and use 'font color=white' in angle brackets. This will white out what you've written, and someone will have to actively highlight it to read the words. Those of us who do not want to read your post will be able to do so.

Would be much, much appreciated.

- Sol

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