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Devotions: Chapter 1

Title: Devotions
Chapter Title: Coffee and Snuggles
Genre: Fluff, angst, drama, tragedy, romance, squick
Pairings: RoyEd + 8 Hidden (2 non-con, 1 one-sided, 1 implied)
Rating (this chapter): PG
Rating (overall): NC-17
Warnings (this chapter): Spoilers for the end of series
Warnings (overall): blood play, character deaths, corpse rape, genital mutilation, graphic rapes, het, homunculus sex, mindfuck, mind control, Nazism, one of the characters going insane, post-series AU, squick, yaoi
Summary: Sometimes coping is hard than we'd imagine.
Chapter Summary: “Don’ wanna get up...” Roy mumbled, finding playing with Ed’s hair preferable to making his way to the office, weighed down by tons of paperwork.
Co-plot-comer-upper-with: thatonefangirl
Beta: hitsuji_no_edo
Word Count: 2,229 words

A/N: Seriously read this before reading this fic. This first chapter is really fluffy and can totally be read on it’s own. However, starting with the next chapter we add in angst. This fic goes like this: fluff -> angst -> uber-angst -> squick -> uber-angst -> angst -> mild fluff -> fluff (for those left alive). Also, this is a death!fic. If you are afraid that your favorite character may die, DON’T read later chapters. Unless you are like thatonefangirl and I and don’t always mind reading your favorite character dying. <3 But if you just want a fluffy piece of RoyEd, go ahead and read just this chapter! Mmkay.

With that ridiculously long rant...

( Coffee and Snuggles [fake cut] )

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