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fun stuff. basically our new ceramics project is we get to make a chimera. (of course the teacher didn't say chimera but hey)
O_O woooot!

my first thought was, of course, that I wanted to make Nina. But right after I decided that, sensei said that it couldn't be another artist's representation.
I was thinking maybe I could draw a picture of her and if the teacher asks for the picture I based it off of I could just lie and say I made it up. I don't want to have to make my own and Nina gets so little fan art. Besides, I probly wouldn't want to keep it otherwise.
So, should I break the rules and make Nina? because it would still be MY art..it would just be fanart.
or should I make up something on my own and end up throwing it out?

btw, if this is too off topic, feel free to delete it

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