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Music Tabs! (kindof ^^;;) ~ for 'Requiem'

So I got 'Requiem' transcribed today, the cool viola/volin part of it.

Noah dances to at Heidi's funeral. ;.; It really kinda depresses me.

This section of the song starts at about 1:02 where the string instrument becomes the melody.

I've got the notes, but I suck at putting in rythm and time signatures and shit. So I'll just do the best I can. Honestly, if you've ever listened to the song, you can probably gauge the rythm yourself. ^^;;

for Viola
the fingerings can be used for Violin, too, but I don't know the fingerings for the E string)
can also be used for Violin, Cello or Piano, hell, basically anything.

[note]=grace note

A E G B~A G F# G F# E A C B C F# E C# E F# C# B B E B~ A G F# G F# E G F# G
G1 D1 D3 1A 0 3D 2D 3D 2D 1D 1G 3G 2G 3G 2D 1D 3G 1D 2D 3G 2G 1A 1D 1A~ 0 3D 2D 3D 2D 1D 3D 2D 3D

F# G E A D C B [A]B D G G D C/B~
2D 3D 1D 1G 0 3G 3G [1]2G 0 3D 3D 3A 2/1A~

This is where it gets a bit wonky with the fingerings because I have no idea what positiion and shit it's all in. So Just know that it's the octave between like...3rd and 8th up on the Viola, and the E string octave on violin. (I wrote this part in treble as opposed to alto because ledger lines kill.)

(III Viola) (VI?) (III) (I) (VIII?) (X? o.0;?)
E D F# A G F# G B F#~~~~~~F#~~~~~B E E <=this E is the octave above open E violin/4A viola
2A 1A 3A hi-4 4A 3A 4A 3A 2A 2D 3A 3A 3A aka. REALLY HIGH. x.X

Now, did that make ANY sense?

Maybe the written version that I did in my notebook would help. (but it's more or less all in Alto)
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