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TITLE: My Insanity
GENRE: romance/angst
PAIRING/S (if any): EnvyXCody
SUMMARY: After suffering from a rather short death, Cody is miraculoulsy revived. Now that she's back you would think she'd swear off all her vices. Unfortunatly that's now how things go... Going back to Envy seems like insanity, but who gives a damn?

He stares over at me, his violet irises watching me with vague interest. He's slumped over, one leg crossed over the other. Long deep green tresses brush against his bare knees. He says he doesn't care, he always tells me that, but nonetheless here he is. Knowing I'd be here, he waited.
I smirk, my lips curling into a domineering grin. Already I knew what I wanted. So what if it's mutiny? I must be insane to even come here. My feet are pulled towards him, each step echoing disaster. I should turn and run. It's safer on the outside. It would be better to run, but I won't.
"Hey, Rowan." I practically purr. My voice is sensual, something my mother would be amused by but my father would scold me. Would they fell the same if they knew where I was? What I was doing? It's hard to say. I think they've already lost me.
The feline pupils turn on me, glinting with mischevious. From the way his brow furrows, I know he's in distake by that name. He hates it, and he'll let me know it. He'll make me eat my words, I'm sure of it. Like a cat, he sprawls out from his seat and stands. The black fabric brushes against the mark that signifies what he is. "I told you, it's Envy." His words are sharp and precise, a warning.
I mumble a reply then step closer. "Yeah Envy. I remember. Kinda like that 'Green with envy', eh?" Reaching out, my fingers brush against the ironically green tresses. This time he doesn't pull away, not like he used to. Rather he reaches out for me. One hand clamps on the back of my neck. Sharp nails scrape into the tender flesh. His other hand finds the wounds from my last visit. His thumb smoothed over the bruised skin.
Chills ripple up my back, resulting in a shudder. He can feel it. I know he does. And it gets a grin out of him. I stare at his face, his stolen image. There was a glint in his eyes, a sign of foreboding. I want to fear him so much. So why can't I?
Not so long ago, he had me cornered like this. That time I was punctured badly; my left-arm broken and having wretched reminisces of violet hues. Following that, he proceeding to decapitate my arm then stab his own claws into my spinal cord. As anyone could se, I had plenty of reason to fear this artificial being. The attraction was insanity. My former-murderer's arms circled around my shoulders. "Yes," he murred softly. "Green... like me." I circle my arm around his slender waist, pulling us close together. Resting against my killer, I once again purred out his true name. "Rowan..."
He sneered, his eyes squinting down at me. He would hurt me for that. I gazed up at him. I wouldn't ask for pain in words, that way he would probably take myother arm. Just coming here, whispering out taints and taunts in between the whimpers and cuts was enough. Speaking of...
I winced as the sharp nails pierced my skin. A sharp pain throbbed in the back of my head. No blood yet. Envy chuckles sadistically. It was just another maul to him. One more painful encounter to hide.
Little indulges here, nips there, one long raking of his claws down my back. I had now the painful extasy that Eclipse sought from razors. This was why she returned everynight to bleed. Bleed like me.
Scars reopened and oozed. New gashes seeped. My crimson liquid was necter, smeared over the bruise of my shoulders. An alluring groan rumbled within him and I could feel it like the purring within a cat. Envy was very cattish, right down to the bloody claws.
At once point I had slumped to the ground. Envy's half bare, completely agile body slipped down in front of me, hovering on his toes. He squatted, watching me with predator eyes.
He snickered, patted my head like a child, then said, "A glutton for punishment aren't you?" I chuckled, quite unexpectedly. Staring up into my killer's eyes, I knew I had lost it. Would I ever go to Edward and say, "So sorry, love, but I've fallen for your brother." Then he would be flipping out. "You and Al!?" I'd smiled deviously, tilt my head all flirty-like, and reply, "No Ed-Kun... Your other brother." Though glancing up at Envy I knew it would never happen.
All I wanted now was the sweet pain his touch could give. I deserved attention and by damned I would have it. He bit down hard and I cried out in pain. Blood trickled down my neck now. It was what he wanted -- what we wanted.
This was lust (and hopefully Lust would never know) and it wasn't in no way love. It was a sick and twisted attraction that left me mangled. This was Sleuthing With The Enemy LIVE with no grand premiere. No tickets either by God. It's sheer pain, sheer attraction to death. He had put me in there, romanced me with death's promises.
His claws marred me, his touch bruised me. Leaning into his touch, I was recieving the pain I so desired, pain that only he could give me. Envy continued to torture my body and mind. I want this pain.. but I also want fear. I want the fear from when I knew this monster held my life by strings, with sharp nails stretching the length of the strands. It hurts so much, but I want it so bad. 'You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you, Girl?'
When we do this... he'll never call out my name. It's as though her forgets it as soon as I'm taken into his grasp. It's always just 'girl'. Like I'm nobody, just another victim. Am I? I would wonder, but when he jams his knees into my ribs it gets hard to focus.
He bites my neck again and now i can feel his tongue lapping against me. I proceed to shiver even though I'm not cold. His body's warming mine, and... he's so warm. Stupid thoughts make me want to curl up in his lap, lean into his arms, and just be there with his attention. But that would be asking for affection, attaining his affection. I couldn't have affection. Hell, I'm lucky enough to have his attention. All he'll give me is pain.
"Ah --oh.. ooooh.." Envy moans against me, his breath warming my collarbone. When he looks at me, he finds me smiling. Now he can't deny that I'm here -- that I'm someone, someone who's more than just another human.
He chuckles in reply. Three more cuts are sliced into my arm. I wince, but I don't strain. He's giving me what I asked for, nothing less, nothing more. I smiled, eyes turning on his. His touch is painful but so addictive. Cut me, bleed me; bite me, tease me. Just don't turn me away. I've lost my beauty because of you. You'v eruined me. You break it, you buy it. I'm sold. 'Lucky you...'
I'm bleeding now. I'm crying now. He slowly pulled up. His eyes flicker over me with that former vague interest. "Is this what you wanted?" he snickered. I groaned out an incoherent reply. 'Yes...' He shook his head, shaking those emerald tresses. He turned away, leaving me here. No good-byes, just a spiteful "are you satisfied?" He needn't worry. Soon enough I would be crawling back to him... for more pain, more pleasure.

The girl is Cody, who due to a week's worth of rp and fanfiction, had broken quite a few alchemy taboos and was brutally murdered by Lust and Envy (though it was Envy who cut off her arm). However she mysteriously came back to life (because of a certain poison from the mentioned woman "Eclipse" who's a masochist). Unfortunatly her body still bears the scars and assume that she's insane. Mainly because she's attracted to Envy... Intruiging eh? Just ask if you would like anymore information! ^_^

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