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Finally! I've been on punishment for the past week and haven't been able to check up on Livejournal. Boy, did it take long to go through all the past posts X_O
Lots of Hagaren related crap happend between now and then.
Well, Oniichan and I were re-watching the episode Marcoh's Notes and when Oniichan saw Gluttony he blurted out, " OMIGAWD He looks just like Ziggy from those newspaper comics!" It's actualy true once you think about it..

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

O_O; Anyways, My mom was channel surfing and came across the movie "Envy" and I bursted out laughing. After a few minutes of channel surfing,she landed on some movie. They were already giving the credits and there was someone named "Ashlee Hedrick". Then I just blurted "ZOMG HEIDRICH!!!11one11eleventytwo1" (Yes, I know it's not spelled Heidrich..But..still..) And later on, I was serching through old drawings and one had an ocean on it and it sai at the bottom corner "By Palm tree" . XDD So much Hagaren in one day.. I LOVE IT! =D Anyway, I have lots more crap to say, but if I don't get off, my mom will stick her foot so far up my arse I'll have toes for teeth X_O

[Edit]I also saw this: XD

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