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[Ficlet] Last Kiss

Title: Last Kiss
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Number 14 of the Roy/Ed themes challenge, almost 1000 words long, so pushing the ficlet length.
Warnings: Character Death. Let's make a game of it and see if you can guess which one. ^^

14. Last Kiss


They say silence can be deafening. Edward Elric wished for silence. With his eyes closed, he stood in their living room, wishing for silence. They also say love is blind, and he wished for love to swoop in and free him of his eyesight.


He wouldn’t cry. Not now.


Edward’s mind provided a recount of the evening. The worst evening he and Roy had ever had. Some date, he thought, and let out a noise that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a sob. The laugh continued with hysterical madness. Roy Mustang was the worst date ever.


“Edward.” Roy’s voice called to him. The sweetness with which his name was called was almost able to overlook the complete horror he was living in.


But Edward didn’t answer, still busy laughing maniacally.


* * * * *


The evening had been simple enough. After work, Roy had picked up Edward at home and they got dressed up. There was a function to go to and like many times before, he was going to be bringing his stunning blond lover. The Fuhrer wasn’t above making it publicly known that he had captured the wildest creature God had set upon the planet, and tamed him.


Edward was stunning that night. He wore a black suit, one Roy had picked out for him and a plain white blouse, thick enough to hide his automail. His hair had been pulled back in a scholar-like ponytail and trailed down to the middle of his back. For thirty, the man looked damn good, and much younger. Roy dared to venture that his young lover could still make the teenagers swoon.


With the older man’s hand at his lower back, Edward led the way out to the awaiting car. Havoc was driving, dressed in his military best, and he opened the door for the two of them. Edward had learned long ago not to thank him in front of the others, but he did so stubbornly in front of Roy’s house.


Roy laughed like he always did and told Edward to stop thanking those who were supposed to be seen as help. The blond had huffed in annoyance and thanked Havoc once more, just to piss him off.


It made Roy smile.


* * * * *


“Dance with me.”


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Edward hissed. “I’m not some girl.”


“No one’s watching.” Roy countered.


Everyone’s watching, you bastard.” Years of practice had taught Edward to keep his voice down and a smile on his face as they argued at these functions.


“I’m expected to dance.”


“Then go find a girl.” Edward shot back. “We’d look ridiculous dancing together.”


“We’d look like we were in love.” Roy answered with a smug grin.


“Who wants that?!” Edward snorted but got up with Roy Mustang and took his hand. He was in love with the bastard after all; had to make him look good. Of course, the girls eyeballing the two of them and waiting for them to separate were…extra incentive to keep his hand possessively on Roy’s back as they danced for the rest of the evening.


Roy was in the lead because when it came to dancing, Edward wasn’t particularly skilled, or graceful, but Roy couldn’t find a single complaint about being close to his lover in a way that was almost intimate…with clothes on.


* * * * *


After the long, boring party, the two had wanted to decompress. Edward’s tie had been undone and three buttons to accompany it. Roy’s military jacket had disappeared and three buttons of his own at the collar had loosened. Drinks at the bar were expected and soon the two were mildly drunk and laughing. Laughing hard, joyous laughter. After the bar, they were a bit tipsy, and therefore grateful for Havoc’s driving skills. Edward was a giggler when drunk and overly cheery. He hung off of Roy’s shoulders, looking at him with glazed, happy eyes. They shared light kisses in the car, Edward always did cling when he was drunk.


Once the car had stopped, Edward had giggled and pulled Roy out by the hand. Roy went with a thankful smile at Havoc before shutting the door behind him. He was pulled in the living room and their lips found each other in a deep, sensual kiss.


* * * * *

Now Edward found himself standing there, eyes squeezed shut and hands covering his ears. He could still hear the sounds of the night. Laughter.
Roy’s laughter. The sweet things he always told him when he was drunk and giddy. Well he was sober now, wasn’t he? He scoffed at himself. He heard the windows breaking with gunshots, the Fuhrer’s home the target. He’d heard the gasps as the bullets met their eventual mark. Roy’s anguished scream.


And for five minutes, he’d listened to shuddering, bloody breaths. Then the silence. Oh, the blessed silence Edward had sought was there and it was deafening. It was so sense depriving that he could no longer feel the hot liquid on his cheeks or fingers from touching the wounds.


All at once, the blessed silence was shattered with sirens and sobbing. The bright red lights invaded the senses and the sobs, the anguish…Oh Roy. Edward thought.


Yes, this was the worst date they’d ever had by far. By the time the memories had all surfaced, his maniacal laughter had ended. He was quiet now, looking at Roy. The man was stretched out on the floor, eyes closed. The red lights were still flashing outside the window, but the sirens had stopped.


“Edward.” Roy whispered.


“I love you, Roy Mustang.” Edward told him honestly and captured his lips in a kiss neither of them could feel. Roy couldn’t hear him anymore, but Edward would hear him forever.


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