A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in fm_alchemist,
A Guy Named Goo


So I got this really nice doujinshi and decided to share the wealth (the last yaoi FMA doujinshi I got was a big disappointment. Yes, I am a heterosexual male who likes yaoi). Hope you folks like it:

Title: A Family's Portrait
Pairing: Hohenheim x Edward (not my particular flavor of pudding, but I'd never seen the pairing in doujinshi before and the art was too good to pass up). Implied Elricest.
Rating: R (sex, although not graphic and no nudity)
Warnings: Incest, sex, SPOILERS. This does take place after the last episode of the anime.

As for what's going on...I can only venture a guess. I really don't know most of the time, and if I tried to explain it I'd either make an ass of myself or go into spoiler territory, so if you are willing to give a post-series Hohenheim x Edward doujinshi a try, take a look. I tried to make the scans as nice as possible so that they could be used/scanlated.

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