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My Crack Fluff Angst FMA-RPG Chats.

Okay, so we go out of character. We make up medical procedures. We bend the rules of logic and alchemy. But, hey, at least we have fun!!

This is the lil chat RP I started with my friend I met at AnimeNEXT05. It's cracky, it's fluffy, it's angsty. Maaaaaan it gets angsty. It also has some things yoinked from hime_1999's Alter!series. Gawd we love Alter!series. It also has a few things yoinked from Fullmetal Folly chats and perhaps the actual RP.

WARNING!! These chats have end of series spoilers, movie spoilers (nothing much... things that could be surmised to happen movie or not... most can be figured out from the movie trailers)and spoilers for Alter!series. Proceed at your own will.

So I figured I'd share these crazy adventures of Ed and Al with the rest of the world. Oh, and by request, my friend's sn has been changed. So no, you can't IM her at Ed'sPlayer or Ed'splayer.

Page 1/Page 2/Page 3/Page 4/Page 5/

Page 6/Page 7/Page 8/Page 9/Page 10/

Page 11/Page 12/Page 13/Page 14/Page 15/

Page 16/Page 17/Page 18/Page 19/Page 20/

Page 21/Page 22/Page 23/Page 24/Page 25/

Page 26/Page 27/Page 28/Page 29/Page 30/

Page 31/Page 32/Page 33/Page 34/Page 35/


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