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Two more Roy/Ed Ficlets

Title: I'm Leaving Now
Genre: Fluff, humour
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Theme #2 of the Roy/Ed 45 themes


Roy Mustang was slouching at his desk. His eyes were glazed with boredom and a pile of paperwork was still sitting in front of him. He started when his door was slammed open and his blond temperamental lover stomped in, kicking the door behind him. No matter what age Edward became, he still added scuff marks. Inwardly, he smiled. Edward was Edward, no matter what maturity threw his way.


“I’m here!” He announced, sounding completely grumpy. Made sense, Roy mused, it was before noon after all. Edward had his legs crossed one over the other, his tight leather pants clinging from his knee along his thigh to…


Roy nearly choked. This wasn’t the time for sexual thoughts. “I have a mission for you.”


Edward snorted and tossed his braid over his shoulder. “What a surprise.” He commented dryly, sarcasm dripping from each syllable. Roy’s eyes were drawn to Edward’s white gloves fingering his braid in a way that made his mind turn to the night before. If he was a younger man, he might have blushed.


“You will need to travel to Youswell for an update. They don’t like anyone else to do it. It’s your own fault for being so…spectacular.”


The blond rolled his eyes and shifted in his seat, Roy getting a better view of his ass. “If I have to.”


“You do.” Roy reassured him.


“Fine.” Edward threw himself into a standing position and stalked out of Roy’s office.


* * * * *


Roy entered the house and immediately found his shoulders slammed back against the door. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and went to protest when lips found his. He moaned softly as the eager tongue probed his mouth, the jolt shooting down to his groin. Roy moved to wrap his arms around his eager lover, and found his wrists pinned to the door instantly.


Finally his blond vixen let air pass through his lips instead of his tongue. Roy’s immaculate uniform was now wrinkled, his cheeks flushed and lips swollen from the kiss. Edward’s eyes trailed lower, his hands still pinning Roy’s and he was pleased to see the bulge in his lover’s pants. He leaned up and kissed the eager lips again, letting out a moan of his own and content to hear Roy’s moans mingling with his own restrained efforts to keep quiet.


Edward pulled back and finally let go of his lover, and gently guided Roy away from the door. His lover was entirely pliable and willing to do whatever Ed wanted him to. It made him smile. It hadn’t taken long in their relationship to discover that Roy liked it when Edward took charge.


He reached up and pulled Roy down for one more kiss, this kiss soft and lingering against the older man’s lips. He eased back just a bit, lips still brushing against one another, the pressure gone from the kiss.


“I have to go.” Edward whispered, and let go of his lover and walked out the door.


Roy stood there and stared at the door with a dazed look in his eyes. After a moment he groaned with a slight smile. He’d miss Edward, but the blond would come back to him soon enough. With great effort, he stumbled to the door and closed it so he could have some privacy to take care of the erection his lover generously left him with.


Edward was glad for the chill of the night to take the heat away from his cheeks and distract him from the sexual thoughts still trailing through his mind. Thankfully, his red coat was long enough to hide the evidence of his manipulation of Roy. He couldn’t help but grin as he walked. Roy may not have thought twice before assigning this mission to him, but he guaranteed he’d make the man think of him while he was gone.


That pleasant thought accompanied him as he disappeared into the night.

Title: One Year Anniversary
Genre: Fluff, Humour, Kink...almost dare I say...Crack?
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Theme #3 of Roy/Ed 45 themes.

One Year Anniversary


Edward shifted his weight from foot to foot. It wasn’t that he was nervous. He was never nervous. No, he was just…excited. It had been a full year since he’d invaded Roy’s personal space and made it clear he wasn’t leaving unless he died, or Roy did.


He eyed the clock again. Five fifteen. Only ten more minutes, he told himself. In ten minutes Roy would be home and he could put forth his plan. It was simple: feed Roy, fuck Roy and cuddle with Roy, in that order. And then maybe they’d get around to sleep and possibly even more sex.


Edward could barely contain his excitement. Dinner was ready and he was dressed up. It had to work. He felt his stomach flutter. Screw excited, now he was nervous. What if Roy didn’t like this? What if…no, it would work, he decided.


He ran his fingers along the cloth of his clothes. He didn’t know how Roy wore this military jacket day in and day out. The cotton was so uncomfortable. Hearing the key in the door, he blushed and moved to the couch to situate himself.


The sight that awaited Roy Mustang when he entered the house left him in awe. He stood there, gaping for a whole minute, door wide open, keys clattering to the floor along with his coat, which he had removed just outside the house. He stared at Edward, closed his mouth and stared some more. He was…breathtaking.


His boyfriend, Roy Mustang’s boyfriend, was lying on the couch. His shoulders were level with the arm of the piece, his head tilted back with a lusty look in his eyes. Long blond tendrils of hair draped over the armrest and snaked over Edward’s shoulders. A uniform jacket, one that belonged to Roy, was draped over his torso, done up only half way, revealing his bare chest underneath. Gaze moving lower, he could see that Edward’s feet were bare, and his legs were missing the leather pants the young man preferred. No, in its place was a royal blue pleated skirt. Not just any skirt – a miniskirt. If he angled his head slightly –just like he was doing now–he could see that Edward had even procured female undergarments. Pink, silk female undergarments.

Roy Mustang’s jaw hit the floor. It was a shame that such a fine dinner that Edward had slaved over had to go to waste.


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