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Fic: Sequel to Roommate Love

Title: Sequel to Roommate Love
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: Groping, shocked blonds... The usual. Crack :D
Rating: PG-13 for nudity
Pairings: BarryFarman
Summary: Havoc keeps a close eye on two certain roommates, and ends up with a surprise.
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to a previous fic, by my friend samaside, Roommate Love, hence the title XD Link is below if you wish to read it first.

Here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2266300/1/

A few weeks after the whole chess incident with Havoc, Barry and Farman, the blond decided to keep a close watch on the two. He requested leave, saying he needed the vacation, everyone believed him. For once, all that getting turned down had helped him.

That night, Havoc dressed in all black and put on a black cap, so his hair was covered. He came across the apartment where Barry and Farman were held captive. He climbed up the stairs and hid himself as he looked through the window. Nothing.

Barry came into his view, and he was holding... a towel? Farman walked up behind the suit of armor. He held a small smile on his stony face.

"Make sure not to scrub so hard, okay Barry?"

"Sure thing Chief!"

They walked to a section where the bathroom was located. Havoc stayed where he was, before he heard the showerhead running. What? He waited a bit more, straining to listen over the water.

"Damn Chief. You hide your figure well."


No. Havoc moved over and looked through the window outside the bathroom. Farman was standing in front of the shower, completely shirtless and starting to rid himself of his pants. Barry was near the sink, folding Farman's shirt and holding the towel. Barry was right. Farman was buff.

Havoc gulped as he saw the size of Farman and looked down at himself. That wallflower was holding out on everyone!

As Farman started to enter the shower, a bar of soap appeared under his foot and he slipped. Havoc watched in slow motion as Barry leapt forward and caught Farman in his arms. The towel he was previously holding was now laying on the floor.

"You okay Chief!?"

"I'm okay. Thank you Barry."

"No problem."

Barry helped Farman get to his feet. The ex-serial killer bent down and grabbed the soap. He handed it to Farman. The stone-faced man cracked a smile. He then entered the shower, no slipping this time.

As soon as Farman entered, Barry picked up the towel and sat on the floor. Then two started to chat while Barry waited for the man to finish in the shower.

Havoc, in the meantime, had ducked under the window, a blush covering his face. Was it him, or did that soap magically appear there, wanting Farman to slip so Barry would catch him? The thought burned into his brain. He didn't want to think about it. He waited a few more minutes, before he heard Farman speak.

"It's time Barry."

"Okay chief."

Havoc peeked over the window. Barry made a clanking sound as he approached the shower. Farman handed the suit of armor the evil soap. The supposed gray-haired wallflower turned so his backside was facing Barry.

The suit of armor started to lather the towel in foam before he scrubbed away at Farman's back. He started at the shoulders, then to the nape right under the neck. Down the spine, at the sides, further and further the scrubbing went down, nearing Farman's waist.

Havoc's eyes turned into UFOs. Which is weird cause... do they exist in this world? o_O;

Barry seemed to get an evil gleam in that light of an eye of his. He got to Farman's waist and went even further, Farman didn't seem to mind. Then Barry started to scrub away at Farman's behind, groping it so all the dirt would disappear. He finished up, and before Farman could even turn away so the water could drain the sudds away,

Barry pinched his ass.

Farman turned around and stared at Barry. Then he looked up.

Havoc, was busted.

Farman pushed Barry out of the bathroom and quickly finished at rinsing his body. He tossed a pair of boxers, shorts and a t-shirt before running out of the apartment and crashing into Havoc.

"Havoc! It wasn't what it looked like!"

He got no answer.

Havoc had passed out of the floor, his nose bleeding.

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