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Bwah! 7210

I'm nuts, I really, really am.
I am doing a doujinshi. A long, drawn out, angsty doujinshi.
The first book*Igot a blank book to do it in, squee!* Is titled 7210:bleed, in which We:
--Screw with everyones heads a helluva lot.
-- Introduce 3 oc's. One of which dies.
-- screw with the way the world works
-- See hawkeye and hughes team up in matchmaking schemes. *fear the evilness of it*
--Angst. Much Angst. And for once, It's not the Elrics angsting. Its everyone else.
--tear apart reality ( it's Seishin's fault! )
--did we mention the screwing with the world?
-- Pair Roy with someone who is non-flammable.
--Did we menton she isn't remotely human?
--and oh jeebus, I've gone and killed Bradrey. For a good cause...(SHIN SMASH!)

......Please don't kill me? This really starts as a rather subtle AU....then things got out of hand...*points at cast* THEY MADE ME DO IT!! Oh, and my OC,(the reeeally important one) Seishin has a sparkle war ith Armstrong. Not the least bit bothered by him. And by he end of this doujinshi (a looong way off, the second book is completly exposition in the form of 'Shin's backstory) I give the Stone a human form *it was sentient from the beginning. I said I screwed with the world... ;;;* And (wai~!) Return Al to human form. He's taller than Ed. Heck, He's just TALL. 14 and damn near 6 feet.
Will post more later. Sorry for the length, can't get ljcut to work.

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