Ammes-chan (akira_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[Ficlet] Good Morning

Title: Good Morning
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Theme #1 of the Roy/Ed 45 Themes
Word Count: 604

Good Morning


He’s snoring. Edward snorted to himself. He couldn’t believe the gall Roy Mustang had to snore while they were sharing a bed. He frowned at the man who was entangled in his limbs, the sheets and even had fingers stuck in his hair. He’s fast asleep snoring and I need to use the bathroom.


Edward lay there silently, carefully assessing the situation. Roy, despite all looks, was a clingy lover. Any chances of escape would have to be done fast, or hands would clamp around his waist and keep him there. He bit back a groan. He really needed to use the bathroom. First, he decided, he’d tackle the problem with his hair. He jerked his arm towards his head and blinked when nothing happened.


Scratch that. First thing is first, freeing my damn arms.


Roy Mustang rolled over, bringing their chests in close contact, his hot breath on Edward’s cheek. This made the younger man scowl even more. Bastard, he thought. He squirmed, gently disengaging his automail arm out from under Roy’s heavy, sleep-weighted arm. One down, one more to go. Edward took his flat palm and gently pushed against Roy’s chest and bit back a cry. Leg, his mind supplied. His fingers gently trailed along the other man’s side, making him sigh contentedly as he reached down to free his trapped leg. Once free, he paused to re-evaluate the situation.


Legs are free. Hair and arm still caught. Stupid idiot has to be asleep. Edward was getting annoyed. By that time, he had to go to the bathroom badly enough to knock the other man right off the bed, but felt it in his best interest not to do that. Edward was grateful and enjoyed their sexual encounters, so it was better to keep on Roy’s good side…in bed at least. He took his hand and gently reapplied the pressure to Roy’s chest.


With a great amount of effort, the man finally took a hint and rolled over, off of Ed’s arm. The blond let out a sigh of relief. He clenched and unclenched his fingers to bring the feeling back into them before reaching up and gently untangling his hair from Roy’s fingers. The moment he was free, he fled the room for the bathroom.


The air in the bathroom was chilly with the morning and he shivered as he stood there nude, emptying the waste from his body. His thoughts wandered back to the warmth and comfortable feeling he’d had in Roy’s arms before his bladder begged for his attention. He found his lips pulling back into a smile. All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to wake up. Shame he couldn’t have enjoyed it.


Finished with using the facilities, he flushed the toilet and washed his hands at the sink. Goosebumps had appeared up his arm and along his thighs. A glance at the clock told him it was only five and his bladder was the only reason he was even conscious at this hour. He towelled off his hands and bolted back to the bedroom where Roy lay, forgotten in the sheets. He jumped into bed and threw his arms around Roy.

Roy yelped as something hard and cold woke him up. He turned his sleepy gaze over his shoulder to see Edward clinging to him and making the most delightful sounds of content. He wanted to yell at the blond, to tell him off for waking him up, but he didn’t have the heart. Roy checked that the alarm was still active, pulled the blankets up over their shoulders and settled back into sleep.


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