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Oi with the n00b already. Well, I've been lurking here for a little while, scoping out the stuff and testing the waters, and I've finally decided to shuffle into the light of day here. But! I do not come empty handed! I come bearing

just the only three currently on my HD that I'm remotely happy with right now


SO in episode 24 (which I've only seen raw so far, by the way), we see more of the Fuhrer's secretary than we ever felt comfortable with, what with her liquefying hand trick. Given that this is a pretty homunculus trait, I'm thinking it's probably safe to say she's the same as Lust et al., or at the very least similar. But something from episode 22's been bugging me. When Envy starts attacking Ed, he accuses him of having "that bastard's blood". Usually, this means being a direct relative of, so I took that to mean a connection with Ed's father; and seeing as they bear so much resentment towards their state of sub-humanity, it would make sense that they would feel animosity towards their creator, and even his son (take the example of Frankenstein and his creature, for example). And if Ed's father did create the homunculus, it would be perfectly logical to have created one in the image of his wife, which the freaky secretary definately does. So was Ed's dad the start of all this? Am I way off the mark (seeing as how the Fuhrer is supposed to be one of the "seven sins", the youngest, and still really old--at least in the manga, I hear) or has anybody else thought something similar? I'm afraid I'm not all that caught up in the manga, but I am trying. Any insight somebody more informed could give me would be fantastic, I'm thinking of structuring a fic off the idea. In the short while I've been following the in-fandom movement I haven't seen this idea surface, but it may be waaaay back there, I dunno.

And, well, that's about it. Sorry to have rambled or detracted anybody from busy schedules with my mindlessness!

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